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Kids LOVE to play Minecraft. What better birthday party entertainment than letting your child and his/her friends play a networked Minecraft game in your house? Kids get to choose from different themed in-game educational experiences - from powering their creations in Minecraft using Redstone circuits to creating their own NPC characters, learning how to mod Minecraft using basic JavaScript to learning how to program in LUA to create password protected doors and much more! We bring all the equipment, you just provide the kids. This is one birthday party every guest will want to attend!


Graffiti Wall  

Snap. Spray. Print! Try our Graffiti Wall and you will forget about photo booths forever! Take a photo with your friends, upload it to the huge wall, use digital spray cans, fun stencils, clip art and backgrounds to spray graffiti and customize the photo with mohawks, glasses, skirts, mustaches and more! When you are satisfied with your work of art, instantly share online via Facebook or email or print out a keepsake copy to take home. It's unique. It's interactive. Great for birthdays, bar mitzvahs, weddings and corporate events!

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Video Game Bus  

Enjoy a thrilling mobile video game party with the latest gaming consoles and games along with 23 of your friends all playing at once! Sit comfortably in our climate-controlled van stocked with huge TV screens, surround sound, fog machines and cool lighting. Play age-appropriate games on XBox with Kinect and Wii. With three TVs on the inside and three on the outside, this is gaming utopia! Our mobile video gaming bus is the highlight of every party.


Kids Fun & Fit Obstacle Course  

Run! Sweat! Cheer! Our relay race obstacle course is great fun for all ages! Two teams and 6 fun challenges will get everyone running, crawling and hopping! Each team member starts off with 5 pushups, then runs over rings, crawls through a tunnel, climbs over a mini-wall, goes through our inflated obstacle course and finally jumps in to a sack and hops back to tag their team member who then goes through the same course. This is an awesome family friendly game!

Please note that we can only operate the obstacle course on a grassy surface, NOT on concrete.


Giant Jenga  

This is GIANT party fun! Get ready for some supersized excitement with the always popular Jenga game! Our large Jenga blocks make this a perfect game to play at birthday parties, school and community events. Stack up the blocks and each player takes turns removing one block at a time without crashing the stack. The last player to take a block out without crashing the stack wins! So get ready to challenge gravity and see how you stack up against the competition!


LEGO SoccerBots  

Run! Kick! Gooooooal! Soccer has taken the world by storm, so it's no wonder that your child has been itching to get in on the action. Make your little one's dream a reality by combining robots and soccer to create an unforgettable soccer playing experience! Play a 2-on-2 soccer match against your opponents by controlling your own robot and running, passing, defending and attacking to score that winning goal for your team. This is a highly competitive game that's great for both kids and adults alike. Perfect for all soccer fans out there. Will your child be the MVP of the SoccerBots RoboCup? Play and find out!


LEGO SumoBots  

Welcome to Robotics: The Hunger Games Edition where entertainment and education collide as your child learns to build robots and battle them in an arena!  Your child will learn problem solving skills while having a ton of fun bringing his or her Sumo Bot creation to life using simple drag and drop programming. They then pit their Sumo Bot against their friends to see who will be victorious! Great fun for ages 5 and up.

Click here for Robotics after-school programs and camps.


Portable Laser Tag  

We bring the thrill and excitement of a high-energy laser tag party to your doorstep. In minutes we set up an amazing laser tag experience in your yard! Hide behind bunkers as you strategize with your friends on how to ambush the opponents and emerge victorious. Create diversions with smoke grenades (totally safe for the eyes). Game Crazy trained Game Coaches engage players in Capture the Flag, Last Man Standing, Medic and other heart-pounding variations!


Nerf Wars  

Defend the world from imaginary zombie hordes and foes! Take down enemies with soft foam darts. In this adrenaline-packed, exhilarating alternative to laser tag, we set up a Nerf Gun battleground in your backyard, complete with all sorts of Nerf Guns, bunkers and story lines, allowing the young ones to flex their imagination and exercise their bodies as they run around blasting away at the enemy! Great for adults and corporate events too!


Archery Wars

Like Hunger Games? Then get ready for the rush of this newest combat sport experience! Archery Wars combines the intensity and excitement of dodgeball and paintball while using the skill-set of archery. From sneaking around bunkers to slinging arrows, dodging fire, and running for cover, Archery Wars players are in for non-stop adrenaline filled adventure! Take out the other team by tagging them with your arrows or by shooting down their lifelines before you get taken out. All players wear helmets for their safety. So get your friends together and put your archery skills to the test in this action packed game!


Human Hamster Balls

Did you ever wonder what it feels like to be a hamster? Now you can find out! Have a blast rolling around in a giant human hamster ball at your next employee event or birthday party. Just step in and start rolling! Completely safe for both kids and adults. Our Game Coaches stay by your side to give you a helping hand if needed. Combine two or more balls for exciting races, heart-pounding bumper balls and more.

Please note that we can only operate the hamster balls on a grassy surface, NOT on concrete. We need 50 feet of space to operate each hamster ball.


Angry Birds

Put down your phone or iPad and play Angry Birds in real life! Yes, you can experience the live thrill of this very popular game in your backyard – complete with slingshots, birds, pigs, bricks and all! The birds are here and they are angry. Launch them using our slingshots. They’ll crash into those pesky pigs and get their eggs back. Lots of fun for parents to play along with their kids at birthday parties or corporate events!


Water Tag

Summer heat getting you down? Partygoers of all ages love to cool off with a laser tag-type game using water guns and soak vests. Strap on the special vests and blast your friends with water! These vests keep track of how soaked you get. When the water meter reaches the top, you're out!


Mobile Gaming Carts  

Game Crazy is more than just a mobile game truck. We drive the fun to your doorstep. With Game Crazy, you can play video games on your porch, at an indoor party or corporate event. Our mobile gaming carts are the perfect party idea for high school lock-ins or fundraisers. The large-screen TVs on wheels come with Wii and Xbox consoles, all the latest adrenalin-inducing games, and can be rolled anywhere for an instant party! Ideal entertainment for graduation parties, communions and corporate events.


Inflatable Movie Screen

Amp up your next event with a showing of a blockbuster beneath the stars. Our inflatable movie screen package- a video and sound system that projects a crystal-clear picture - affords a huge viewing area, so you can show the flick of your choice to a whole backyard full of friends, family, or party guests. We’ll do all the heavy lifting and provide a complete entertainment package that includes set-up,removal and even movie style concessions (popcorn or cotton candy). You just need to provide the people, the place, the power and the movie!


Candy Cannon

Pack up the piñatas! Our candy cannon takes the goody bag to a whole new level. Stuff the candy cannon gun with candy, t-shirts, wrist bands and stickers. Fire it into the air and make candy rain! Goody bags included. What a sweet way to start or end your celebration. 

                                                                      Book Your Event Today... Call Us @ 1-888-55-GAMECRAZY Or Book Online

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Planning a party during winter months does not mean that your options are limited.
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UPDATE: The video below does not show this, but we are now offering MINECRAFT BIRTHDAY PARTIES! Scroll to the top of the page for more information.

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