School PTA Testimonial

Hillside Elementary After School Program

Hear a testimonial from Hillside PTA President Stacy Buatti as she explains why Hillside partnered with Game Crazy to bring Robotics and other enrichment programs to the school. She explains the benefits of teaching STEM concepts through technology and the benefits of working with Game Crazy.

After School Enrichment Programs & Camps

We offer all of the following programs at schools and camps all over Metro Detroit. We supply the instructors, equipment and laptops. All you need to do is give us a room and the eager kids!

Minecraft - 1st-8th Grade

Kids are addicted to Minecraft. Minecraft is a game in which players construct elaborate worlds and play in them, often with others. We use Minecraft as a teaching tool to teach kids about digital citizenship, history, architecture, electronic circuits and computer programming. Using Minecraft concepts like Redstone and ComputerCraft concepts like LUA programming, we teach kids the basics of how circuitry works and how they can program to bring their Minecraft creations to life! From creating password protected doors to a bank that will accept their deposits and withdrawals, kids learn so much through gamification of educational concepts.

Robotics - K-12th Grade

Check out this video from Hillside Elementary where the younger kids took part in our SoccerBot program where they built an entire soccer game out of robots. The older kids took part in our Deep Space Terraformers program where they built a TerraBot which was sent to a distant planet Pantheon to make it habitable by humans. The TerraBot has to use sensors to become aware of its surroundings so that it can navigate the planet's terrain on its own and carry out missions like planting a flag, gathering and crushing rocks, plugging an active volcano, rescuing a moon buggy and much more.

Video Game Design - 3rd-12th Grade

Kids love playing video games. Now they can build their own! What better way to teach a child core STEAM concepts than using a medium that has their full attention? Kids will immerse themselves in all aspects of video game design - from game ideation to storyboarding to the iterative development process of prototyping and testing. Kids also get to take home their video games!

Little Makers Electronics Camp - 3rd-12th Grade

Kids love to make things. The Game Crazy Little Makers Camp is an electronics camp for kids 8+ years of age. Our system of electronic modules snap together with magnets. Now, every child can bring their imagination to life and become an inventor! Combine together different pieces (light, sound, sensors, buttons), to create large circuits and build interactive projects without any background in engineering, programming or wiring. Create a variety of amazing devices such as a light system for your home, a line following robot, a glow in the dark skateboard, wireless remote controlled cars, an automated fish feeder or even a system where you can send an email to your thermostat to turn up the heat!

Game Design For iPhones, iPads and Tablets - 4th-12th Grade

This program teaches kids the fundamentals of touchscreen game design on phones and tablets. Using drag and drop programming, kids will learn to design mobile games that they can play on their own phones or tablets and even publish and sell to the app market. No prior programming knowledge required. Who knows, your child might just design the next Angry Birds!

Cartoon Animation - K-8th Grade

Animation is a useful tool for engaging students and illustrating difficult concepts. Our cartoon animation program allows children of all ages to learn through visual representation while having a ton of fun. Kids will engage in activities that integrate creativity across the curriculum - from Math to Reading to Science and the Arts.

LEGO Stop Motion Animation - K-8th Grade

Children are natural born storytellers. This gives them the medium to bring their stories to life. Using LEGO, kids learn how to develop an idea, create characters, story board scenes, build backgrounds, time sequence shots and put it all together with music and green screen effects to create their very own animated movie that they take home to show their parents!

Math Pentathlon - K-9th Grade

Our Math Pentathlon classes strengthens basic math concepts and skills, aligns with National and State Mathematics Standards, and stimulates creative thinking while developing problem-solving skills. By using specially designed games and activities that differentiate instruction, ALL students of varying abilities and learning styles are motivated to enjoy math and spend more time learning this subject matter. These factors are critical in improving students’ performance in Math.

Camp Start Up - 4th-12th Grade

Kids will learn about managing money and starting their own business. They will work together as a team to come up with a business idea, do market research, form a company, take on different roles each day, borrow money from investors, create a product, sell it to the public and make real money at the end of it all! Through this process, they will learn how to create and grow their money, along with the confidence and leadership skills to someday start their own business.

Fun Games for School Events and Day Camps

Unique and fun games brought to your doorstep!

We can bring our Video Game Truck, Hamster Balls, Portable Laser Tag, Real Life Angry Birds and much more right to your doorstep for ice cream socials, end of school year parties, scout events, summer and winter camps.